Using Advertisement option add in X position in questions break the theme

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If we use the Google Adsense Advertisment option to show ads at X position in questions (home page) it breaks the theme

To reproduce error :-

  • Open Theme Options
  • Click on Advertisement Tab
  • Select Add Google Adsense
  • Paste the adsense async code in the text field
  • Hit Save Changes
  • Open Website, All will be working fine
  • Now again open the Advertisement Tab in Theme Options 
  • You will notice that the add script is broken and part of it has escaped out of the text field , you will see ">" visible in text below the homepage
  • Now open the website and full posts wont load, no other widget will load aswell

Workaround : 

  • Delete the advertisement, hit save.
  • open theme widgets hit reset all to default
  • again add google ad
  • after hitting save do not open that tab again .. aslong as that tab is not opened things work fine



1 Answer

It worked. Thanks!
answered Mar 21, 2017 by arcsales (300 points)