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All friendly URLs are working fine but the Site Activity Widget showing comments and answers show links like : site.com/91/#c45

which means its missing the post friendly URL before the anchor (#c45) , is it just on my end so i look into it ? thought to ask before messing around

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can i get any ideas on this ? the htaccess file is also fine nothing wrong their too
answered Mar 28, 2017 by Dr-Hack (210 points)
I have the same problem.
Im using url structure from general settings. The first one: /123/why-do-birds-sing
The url's at activity widget looks like that: www.mywebsite.com/questionID/#comentID
questionID doesnt change but the last part change accordingly is is not comment but answer or new question.

Example links:
www.mywebsite.com/333/#c999 - the link should be leading to the comment ID number 999
www.mywebsite.com/333/#a999 - the link should be leading to the answer ID number 999

The links in the widget for new questions are OK.
The only problem appears when there is notification for answer or comment.
answered Aug 9, 2017 by arcsales (300 points)

It's not a problem in the theme and you could find better answer's on Q2A's official Q&A site. however here is how you can fix it:

first upload ".htaccess" file located inside Q2A's source code into your Q2A's root directory. this file allows pretty permalinks. if the problem was not resolved ask your hosting company to install "mod_rewrite" module on your server.

If your only problem comes from answer links(ending with something like #a123) or comment links(ending with something like #c123) then it's most likely a plugin error which causes it and it would be better to find the responsible plugin by removing each plugin temporarily and testing the site; then contacting the plugin's developer with this issue's detail.

answered Sep 21, 2017 by admin (860 points)