Does anyone have problems with formatting when using cyrillic?

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Im using the theme with cyrillic language and when i try to use itallic formatting or something else in the questions on the lists of questions the short question description appear as wrong encoded text... something like that: ази година започнах да от ... ; е безопас&


Anyone having same problem?

Any solution?


The website is vaprosi.com

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Let's try this example:

Има ли формула, която да помогне, за да добия невъобразима популярност в България и по света?

Как да стана популярен?

Do you have this problem with other themes too? can you send a link to a page with this problem?

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Thank you for your answer.
No I dont have such problem with other themes.
Here is a link with question for example: https://www.vaprosi.com/783/mojete-li-da-preporychate-preparat-sreshtu-listni-vyshki

I did made a test by removing the italic style and the problem disappear.
Some times when I copy a quote from other website I get the same problem. If before posting at my website i pass the texts trough notepad (to clean all formats) and then i post them to my website then its all fine.