Contributing to theme's development

How can others help develop this theme, solve it's issues and improve it's features?
asked Mar 12, 2015 in Infinity Theme by Towhid (510 points)

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Reporting issues:

To report Issues and problems we recommend using Github's issue tracker for this project:

you can also start ask your questions in our Support Forum at to directly get help from theme's developers or you can ask a questions in Q2A's Q&A section.

Contributing to Project

You can always fork this project in github and request a push to apply your changes to main theme. all contributions are welcome.

You can also buy this theme's support for $20 which provides premium support for you and encourages development of open source projects for Q2A.

Other contribution

Spread the word, using social media share our site with others and introduce them to our open source projects.

Don't remove our link from theme's footer as it is unethical to remove attributions to creators of this free products and it's against license which the theme was published under.

answered Mar 13, 2015 by admin (800 points)