Can I wear a white shrug and white 3/4 length leggings?

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I have a pink, sleeveless, knee length dress. Can I wear a white shrug and white 3/4 length leggings? What are your suggestions?
asked Jul 13, 2012 in Work by LittleJ (540 points)
recategorized Jul 13, 2012 by LittleJ

1 Answer

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A pink, sleeveless, knee length dress would look very good with a white shrug.  If you are tall and slim with nice legs white 3/4 length leggings will probably work. If you are short 3/4 length leggings will make you look shorter. In addition white leggings give legs a heavier look. Very, very sheer neutral color hose or neutral fishnet stockings will work. If your legs are tan and look good you can go bare legged. Experiment and check the mirror to see what looks best.
answered Jul 13, 2012 by MadamJ (1,360 points)
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