Should I go bare legged or wear black opaque nylons? Shoes? Jewelry?

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I am wearing a long sleeve, short, black sequin dress for my 50th birthday celebration in Las Vegas! Do I go bare legged or wear black opaque nylons? What kind of shoes would be best? Also what kind of jewelry, earring and or a necklace should I wear if any. Thanks for your help!
asked Jul 13, 2012 in Normal days by LittleJ (540 points)

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Black tights, black opaque or sheer black stockings with pumps or peep toe style shoes would look great with your short, long sleeve, black sequin dress. If you have gorgeous, tanned legs you can go bare legged. As far as jewelry goes start by trying just earrings on with your dress. If you think you need more jewelry try a necklace too. You really have to experiment to see what looks best with your outfit. Try earrings in quality rhinestone or diamonds. A pair of gorgeous earrings will focus attention on your face.

answered Jul 13, 2012 by MadamJ (1,360 points)
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