What color shoes, stockings & accessories should I wear with a navy dress?

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I will be going to an August wedding for my son. I bought a navy cocktail dress that has a navy lace over nude underlay bodice. What color shoes, stockings and accessories? I have a diamond, pearl and gold watch I would like to wear. Thank you for any advice and help you can give me.
asked Jul 13, 2012 in Wedding by LittleJ (540 points)
retagged Jul 13, 2012 by LittleJ

1 Answer

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Black patent leather shoes and sheer black stockings or a closed toe neutral/beige color shoe with ultra, ultra sheer stockings would look nice. Try your different options on with the dress to see which looks best. Diamond, pearl and/or gold jewelry would look nice with your diamond, pearl and gold watch.

answered Jul 13, 2012 by MadamJ (1,360 points)
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