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If you've played live cash poker before, then you know there is a whole lot more to playing the game than just going for a seat. While online casino poker simplifies the process through automation features, there is still a whole lot to be learned. In the article we will walk you through the online poker room basics, so by the time you're dealt your first hand the only thing you are going to have to concern yourself with is your cards.

Navigating a Poker Room Lobby

Once you have downloaded a poker room's software package, you are going to have full access to that site's lobby. Many new players are overwhelmed through the lobby layout, but as soon as you know very well what every section means you will appreciate how they help you to find your ideal game.

At the top of every lobby page you will find a series of tabs. These tabs may be used to help you select specific games (like Texas Hold'em or Omaha) or to choose table types (like ring games or tournaments). Once you've selected your game and table type, the lobby will load a list of all available tables. This list is generally compiled with the highest stakes at the very best as well as the lowest stakes at the bottom, even though you can click on any heading to organize the table by stakes level, available seats, average pot, or - in the matter of tournaments - start time.

Most poker rooms these days also have a filtering option. You may reduce the lobby to a number of only the most relevant tables by choosing your preferences in the filter menu.

Navigating an Online Poker Table

Once you have selected a table, a separate game screen will load. Almost all this screen will be comprised of a virtual poker table. Even though you will be placed within the first available seat, you can choose to view your cards from any position at the table. Basic information like screen name, pot size, and player icon will be displayed at each player's seat.

Your basic betting options - check, call, raise or fold - will be displayed as buttons. You could also place an alternative bet manually by entering it into the betting box. If you are playing multiple tables at once, you may click a box that can automatically make your desired move after the bet reaches your seat.

Customizing Your Poker Game

Should you not like the look of your table, chances are you can change it. Most poker rooms enable you to customize the feel of a poker table, the cards, game sounds and also your own icon. You can also hide or move the chat screen and resize your game screens as necessary for multi-tabling or simply multitasking. If you find other players' icons and avatars distracting, you may disable them by right-clicking on each player's name. Many sites make it possible for you to take notes on the competition; this feature may also be accessed by right-clicking on a player's name or icon.
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