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It does not feel like a manipulation attempt, due to the use of localized rewards (just in the arena), in fact, it does not actually prevent any progress, just help certain when you play the arena regularly. Of course, people always look at this from another point of view. Instead of adding 5 coins, they are actually removing those. You can have 100 coins, but because the arena you have 95. I ... you use these cards depends on you! They are great memories of games or go fishing. You can also choose to let the children play war. If you think of other great games, please share the following!
asked Feb 28 in General by mandyififa (220 points)
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are these themes mobile compatible?
answered Sep 7, 2013 in General by Sam
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Plugin Option Page: When you move Navigation above content area(Available in theme options) : Normal HomePage:
answered Aug 8, 2013 in General by vikram
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what happens when we have such a really long question? does the homepage cave in or cave out?
asked Jun 28, 2013 in Developers by anonymous
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answered Jun 5, 2013 in General by user (210 points)
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What are top features in this theme and it's plugin?
answered Jun 3, 2013 in General by admin (1,040 points)
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